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Safeguarding your Gold and Silver Bullion is an important consideration. Whilst storing at home is an option, home storage has become an increasingly risky proposition.


Most of our clients seek full control over their assets and are utilising our sister company, Fortis Vaults. This facility provides a comprehensive range of services including secure storage and safety deposit box Melbourne. As one of the leading private vaults in Australia, Fortis Vaults offers safe custody vaults and bank lockers for the utmost security of your valuables. With experienced staff, rest assured that you’ll be treated with first class service every time you visit Fortis Vaults. Plus, their secure online booking system allows you to access your safety deposit box with ease. Additionally, Fortis Vaults specialises in gold storage and gold bullion vault services, ensuring that your precious metals are stored in the safest possible environment as their facility is overseen 24/7 by licensed industry professionals, ensuring optimum security. For those interested in bullion storage, Fortis Vaults is the premier choice in Melbourne, offering unparalleled security and peace of mind for all your valuable assets.

Our SMSF and Corporate accounts also have an option of storing with Melbourne Mint Unallocated Vault storage facility; this storage option is a good choice for SMSF’s, corporate accounts and regular traders. Investors that wish to trade frequently and on higher volumes usually buy metal in the unallocated pool of gold & silver. This Facility is managed by Melbourne Mint on behalf of all our clients & is a hundred percent backed by physical metal. Only cast bullion can be stored under an Unallocated Vault Storage account, minted products and coins will require your withdrawal.

Annual Storage Fees

For accounts with total holdings valued less than $100,000 – storage fee is $250 Inc. GST

For accounts with total holdings valued over $100,000 – storage fee is based on your insurable interest cover as per account holdings value.

Why store with Melbourne Mint?

Storing with Melbourne Mint comes with a number of benefits, which include:

  • Easy to trade and liquidate
  • Ability to transact remotely
  • 1 EOFY report for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)
  • 2 Account holding statement per annum

*Please note: activation of account requires a minimum purchase of $25,000

For more information please email: OR call one of our friendly consultants on +61 3 8602 5188.

For Enquries, please call +61 3 8602 5188

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