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About Us

Melbourne Mint has been synonymous with precious metals and currency striking Australia’s first gold coins from the Victorian gold fields for over 100 years. The Melbourne Mint first opened in 1872 operating as an official branch of the Royal Mint, London. The mint was also responsible for striking Australia’s first silver coinage and many of the rarest and most desirable Australian coins, such as the 1930 penny and 1923 half penny.

Since 2012, Melbourne Mint has been privately owned and a key partner of a global precious metals group with the primary focus of providing premium gold bullion and silver bullion products.

What we offer:

  • Easy access to precious metals
  • Bullion Sales and Buy Backs
  • Unallocated Bullion Storage
  • Private box storage via our Fortis Vaults facility
  • Insurable interest available upon request
  • EOFY & Statements for Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) investment

To find out more call us on (+61) 3 8602 5188. Our team are here to make your transaction as seamless as possible, from start to finish.

For Enquries, please call +61 3 8602 5188

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