In an article published by the Herald Sun, Melbourne Mint CEO Peter August points out the merits of alternative investments such as collectable coins. 
When it comes to investing, most people tend to steer towards a combination of property, shares and cash, however by doing so, they often miss out on good alternative investment opportunities that also provide robust returns.
According to Peter, who is also the managing director of Numismatic Coin Company, Australian pre-decimal coins are hot investments - with returns delivering on average between 13 and 14 per cent a year.
George V Australian silver coins are the best type; aim for uncirculated coins or the highest grade affordable.  If it’s not independently third party graded don’t buy it – the US based Professional Coin Grading Service is the most recognised in the world, the coin comes with a guarantee, as well as with a tamper proof plastic container advises Peter.
These Australian coins can be priced from a few hundred dollars to more than $80,000. If your budget is more modest, the next up-and-coming Australian coins are George VI, which range from $50 to $10,000 for uncirculated pieces says Peter. 

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