Self-Managed Super Funds and Gold

Acquiring possession of physical precious metals is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Diversification is important as it helps to secure and balance your portfolio; improving its performance and risk profile. A combination of investments such as risk stocks and property and low-risk assets like gold is often advised. 


As gold is a proven asset that maintains its value, it can help to offset falls in asset prices of property and stocks. Moreover it can help to reduce the effects of inflation and devaluation. In the wake of the GFC, many people learnt the value of holding assets that protect self-managed super funds. Gold is therefore a popular choice when it comes to safeguarding wealth.  


Gold is an excellent diversification tool that can help reduce your portfolio’s exposure to absolute risk. It is a simple and effective way to protect your assets; holding as little as ten per cent can significantly strengthen the security of your portfolio.  

Although the aim of a Self-Managed Super Fund is to preserve wealth and safeguard your hard earned money for retirement; it is important to note another reason for holding gold in your self-managed super is the potential for its price to appreciate if the international gold or silver price continues to move upward.  


The benefits of precious metals:  

  • •  Portable and liquid
  • •  Recognised globally
  • •  Reduces the effects of inflation and devaluation against fiat (paper) currency
  • • Bullion is the only asset class that has a proven track record of steadily          appreciating
  • •  No on-going commissions, administration fees, or GST

It is easy to include precious metals within a SMSF ask us how by simply contacting us on 03 - 8602 5188 or via email:  



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