Gold An Asset Class

The rules of globalisation deem that in our current interrelated world; the breakdown of one system ripples throughout our entire economies.  


Gold however is unique and resides in its own asset class. The economic forces that determine the value of other assets like bonds, real estate and equities are different to the variables that govern the price of gold. Historically, data suggests that gold has shown insignificant correlation with other asset classes.  

Unlike other financial investments that are reliant on the continued vitality of institutions and individuals; gold is a physical store of wealth that acts independently of involuntary third party institutional or government market movements. Gold is one of the only financial assets that is not reliant on a third parties promise to perform.  


Gold therefore offers an opportunity for investors to diversify their investment portfolio reducing the overall portfolio risk and providing protection against short term underperformance. Gold as an asset further acts as an inflation and currency hedge.  


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