'Butte Nugget' Found in Northern California Sells for a Staggering $400,000

The sale last week of the 3.5kg Destiny Nugget unearthed in the Ballarat region for $292,000 isn’t the only auction of a nugget this size in recent times. In Northern California, a rare and giant gold nugget weighing in at 6.07 pounds (2.75kg) was discovered in July and sold for an astonishing $400,000 at auction last month. Despite weighing less than the Destiny Nugget, the Californian nugget achieved a considerably higher price.
It isn’t often a gold nugget of this size and weight is discovered in the northern Californian region. The gold piece was discovered in Butte County and named the Butte Nugget. It was this unique choice of name that resulted in the impressive $400,000 price tag.
David McCarthy, chief numismatist of Kagin.com, said, “It isn't everyday that nuggets of such weight are discovered. In fact, "I really didn't believe that I would see a California nugget of this size unearthed during my lifetime."
According to the Associated Press, it was more common for individuals to find gold nuggets during the 19th century Gold Rush days in California. Among them was a 54-pound chunk in 1859, also found in Butte County.
Harry Glenn, an auctioneer with Mossgreen who conducted the sale of The Destiny Nugget in Melbourne said he expects a lot of people will be interested in the results of these sales and that the significant prices paid will signal a renaissance in the gold prospecting field.

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