Berlin World Money Fair 2015

Well, after a whirlwind two weeks of flights, jetlag, meetings, a few official “functions”, then more flights and a few further days of jetlag… our Melbourne Mint representative at Berlin’s World Money Fair 2015 has finally returned to consciousness – just in time for the weekend! Despite arriving home two full days ahead of his luggage, our man reports that the World Money Fair was as successful and exciting as ever and, if possible, even BUSIER than ever!
Arriving on the Friday prior to the Fair, the first weekend was time for acclimatisation - before signing in to the convention hotel late on the following Monday afternoon. The very next morning, the meetings began. Starting slowly as the hotel began filling up, the action was in full swing by the Fair’s opening day, Friday 30th of January.
It was chaos.
Impromptu meetings sprang up in any spare Lobby space, planned meetings were taking place by the bar, secret meetings were barely noticeable over in the corner… and, all the while, European coin collectors were queueing up and making their way into the World’s largest numismatic collector fair.
These huge crowds descended on the Fair for three long days, all clambering to pick up one of the many bargains or show specials on offer; some of which – including the official Show Passport – sold out before lunchtime on the second day. Around 40 or 50 Official Mints and Central Banks held space on the show bourse, with perhaps another 200 more dealers and minting technology companies filling up the massive exhibition space. Like a coin collector’s Disneyland, to visit everyone and everything properly would indeed have taken at least the three full days of the show! Official visitor numbers are yet to come to hand but the early word is that WMF2015 was the biggest yet. Almost certainly, it was at least as big and as popular as ever!
What happens now? Well, after 37 meetings, we can say that coin collectors have exciting things ahead of them. And with just a dash of luck, some of those exciting times will come to Melbourne Mint… Stay tuned to this space…
Next year’s event has been announced as beginning February 5th and closing on February 7th… and if the past 10 years in Berlin and the 30+ years prior to that in Basel are anything to go by… it will be yet another immensely exciting event!!!

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