Melbourne Mint History

The Melbourne Mint building was constructed in 1872 and was originally a branch of the Royal Mint in London. Architecturally, the Melbourne Mint is considered one of the most remarkable 19th century government buildings in Victoria. As a virtual copy of the Raphaels Palazzo Vidoni-Caffarelli in Rome (1515), the building is one of only a few that was constructed in the true Renaissance revival style in Australia. 


From 1872 to 1916 the Melbourne Mint minted only gold sovereigns, and then from 1927 to 1967 it produced all Australian coins. 

The Melbourne Mint building has recently undergone significant renovations and now includes an interactive digital showroom comprising cutting edge technology, virtual learning tools and interactive animations. The showroom has been designed to educate clients visiting the Mint on the profound history behind gold and its relevance in today’s world. It provides clients with the necessary knowledge and education to help inform their investment decisions. 


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