Investing In Precious Metals

"Money holds value so long as it is in limited supply; gold will always be in limited supply "

William Rees Mogg

Former editor-in-chief at The Times, political editor, member of the House of Lords.  

Gold and silver bullion bars and coins are universally recognised and accepted currencies that are not vulnerable to devaluation like modern fiat paper money and electronic currencies. 


The prominence of gold over thousands of years has allowed the precious metal to be considered a valued and trusted store of wealth. 

Throughout history, the economy has seen extended periods of economic distress with fiat paper money fluctuating between highs and lows; gold however has continued to return at a stable rate, granting precious metals a reputation of reliability and consistency.

In the midst of market volatility, precious metals investing often becomes more popular; as individuals and central banks alike seek traditionally safe stores of wealth that ward against involuntary market movements. Increased demand of precious metals drives prices upwards. 


The price of precious metals is further influenced by a number of market drivers. These drivers include: political uncertainly, the instability of the international banking systems, central bank buying and quantitative easing policies (money printing) which determine inflation. Gold conversely is immune to government quick fixes such as money printing; it cannot be replicated, tampered with or diluted to achieve temporary economic relief.

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